Socha Plaza Mixed-Use Building


One of nice things about a 60,000-square-foot mixed-use building is that there’s ample space for tenants to stretch out and do business. One of the even nicer things about the Socha Plaza mixed-use building is that as it was being built, corporate tenants had a say in how their spaces on the second floor were designed and prepared for their entry into the building when it opened in summer 2014.

Socha Plaza’s second floor is ideal for companies seeking office space in the Glenville/Schenectady area. The floor itself has 15,290 square feet of usable space. Prospective tenants are free to choose how much space they need, and the Socha Management team will do its best to accommodate their needs.

As one can see from the floor plan below, the available office space on the second floor is divided into two sections separated by a common lobby space that is open to the first floor. There is currently approximately 10,000 square feet available on the second floor, providing ample space for businesses of all kinds.

In order to ensure proper security for all tenants, all tenants have electronic access control, ensuring only designated individuals will be able to enter an office. The stairs, elevators, and secured doors are monitored 24/7, and the surrounding sidewalks and parking lots are outfitted with security cameras to monitor the exterior of the building.

When your employees come in for work or your clients come to visit, feel safe in knowing that the building’s sidewalks around the main entrance are equipped with snow-melting technology.

At Socha Plaza’s new mixed-use building, we’ve thought of everything. From the beauty of our lobby to the flexibility of our space to a state-of-the-art heat pump that ensures efficient temperature control in each space, we have everything you need to call our home, your home.

Please contact us to learn more by calling us at 518-399-0990 or by getting in touch through our contact page.