Socha Plaza Mixed-Use Building


One of the cornerstones of any luxury building is beautiful, well-appointed apartments. And the third floor of our new Socha Plaza mixed-use building delivers just that.

Ranging in size from 640 square feet to 1,900 square feet, the apartments on the third floor of our beautiful new building come with everything our residents would expect.

Units 1 through 5 and unit 10 on the third floor serve as corporate apartments featuring a washer and dryer, microwave oven, and Wi-Fi service. The apartments in this category range in size from 640 square feet to 680 square feet.

Those looking for a bit more outdoor area will be pleased with units 7 through 9. All three of those one-bedroom apartments measure 650 square feet and come with all of the same amenities, but add something special: a 120-square-foot terrace.

The ultimate in luxury, though, starts to make its presence felt in units 15 and 16. Those two apartments, measuring 1,100 square feet and 940 square feet, respectively, come with all of the extra space you need. Better yet, they come with hardwood floors in the living and dining rooms, floor-to-ceiling living room windows, a custom kitchen with granite countertops, a washer and dryer in the units, and a walk-in pantry.

But that’s not all. The luxury apartments only get better when tenants work their way through the beautifully appointed units 11 through 14, which range in size between 1,580 square feet and 1,900 square feet. Those units come with all of the fine features available in the smaller spaces, but toss in a gas fireplace, and not one, but two reserved parking spaces.

Those in need of some outdoor living will find a 260-square-foot terrace in unit 12, while the 1,900-square-foot unit 13 has a 380-square-foot terrace.

Oh, and one more thing: all of our apartments are sound-insulated with double stud walls. In other words, they deliver the very finest in suburban living.

Please contact us to learn more by calling us at 518-399-0990 or by getting in touch through our contact page.

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