Socha Plaza Mixed-Use Building


Socha Management owns three corporate real estate properties along the busy Route 50 corridor in Glenville, NY. Socha Plaza is home to retail, restaurant, and personal-services companies. Socha Management’s Pro Building North and Pro Building South facilities provide office space to both local companies and larger corporations.
Shady Lane Apartments, a complex of more than 40 buildings that sits behind Socha Plaza, includes 444 units that are meticulously maintained by Socha Management’s dedicated staff.

In Spring 2013, Socha Management broke ground on a new, mixed-use building. Now open, the facility offers retail and office space, as well as a restaurant and corporate apartments. Like its predecessors, the building sits alongside Route 50 and is currently open.

Socha Management has earned its reputation as the premier real estate company in Schenectady County, offering high-quality service in a safe, friendly environment.



Our Vision

It’s easy to get lost in Socha Plaza’s beautiful glass finish and soaring ceilings. A walk through the lobby will elevate senses as delectable aromas emanate from the restaurant. Around the corner, stores will be alive with patrons buying last-minute gifts off their shopping lists. Upstairs, families will delight in the luxury finishes reaching every corner of the building’s 16 apartments.
Sitting alongside the busy Route 50 corridor, the new Socha Plaza mixed-use building will thrive in its position as Glenville’s leader. The beautiful, 60,000-square-foot building is the benchmark by which all future construction efforts in the town are judged. The connection to other Socha Plaza facilities and apartments delivers a “New Urbanism” that will transform 21st century living.

Leadership is about inspiration – inspiring people to achieve great things, inspiring companies to set new standards, and inspiring a community to believe in its future. From its heated walkways to its environmental friendliness, the new Socha Plaza mixed-use building will inspire anyone who experiences it.